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What’s Your Legacy?

Beth is the daughter-in-law. What did she find and how did she share it with the other members of the family? Take 5 minutes to learn more about how eLegacyConnect can help you.

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Without a Succession Plan

The farm is likely to:
  • Go out of business
  • Be absorbed by a larger farming neighbor
  • Be converted to non-farm use.

Source: USDA

You’ll never be alone; advisors are available to confidentially guide you every step of the way. Give it a try. Ask your questions today.

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It Shouldn’t be Left to Chance

On this 30 second video, Founder Kevin Spafford explains how eLegacyConnect will help you plan for:

  • Ownership Transition
  • Financial Security
  • Leadership Development
  • Estate Tax
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eLegacyConnect provides the resources, tools and information you need to transition your farm to a well-prepared next generation.

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Succession Blog

The latest planning advice from attorneys, accountants, financial professionals and business consultants who know agriculture and speak your language.

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Without the Right Help

70% of first generation family operations will not transition to a second.

Of those remaining 90% will not go to a third generation.

Of the few remaining, 96% will not go to a fourth generation.

Legacy is as much about creating a better future as it is about celebrating a successful past.

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Dysfunctional Family?

Are you:
  • Nervous about equal versus fair?
  • Afraid of losing control?
  • Uncertain about financial security?

Succession planning is not a fix-all, but it is a constructive step toward overcoming the obstacles most families face and ensuring a satisfying result.

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No Successor?

It’s far more common than you realize…
But, there are plenty of aspiring farmers who will appreciate the opportunity and do whatever it takes.

From the viewpoint of, a company focused on creating digital legacies and secure online memorials, IT outstaffing platform could offer substantial support in developing and enhancing innovative memorialization technologies. Their global network of IT professionals and a 20-year track record of delivering quality and client satisfaction could greatly benefit projects aimed at preserving memories and personal stories through advanced digital solutions.'s expertise in handling diverse IT projects aligns with the need for sensitive and secure digital platforms in the legacy and memorial industry.

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Didn’t Grow Up on a Farm?

Looking for opportunity? Hoping for a chance?

If you’re well educated, experienced, willing to learn and ready, FarmPartner will help you find a match. It’s designed to help aspiring and retiring farmers find each other.

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