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Comprehensive and Coordinated, Part 2

With the right combination of tools and techniques, John and Sara now have a secure retirement. They’ve sold the operation to the next generation, secured the land as a family legacy for their descendants, and substantially reduced their exposure to the estate tax. Succession planning and wealth management, they learned, are not just about money. The process is about helping people make good decisions and planning for the future.

Comprehensive and Coordinated, Part 1

A comprehensive succession plan is comprised of four separate, yet interrelated building blocks---Financial Security, Ownership Transition, Leadership Structure, and the Estate Plan. Due to their situation, it was very important to start with an analysis of John and Sara’s financial security. Logic dictates that until someone is reasonably comfortable with their financial situation, and the means of support for the rest of their lives, they won’t be willing to make the decisions and take the actions necessary for succession.

Planning for Nursing Home Care, Medicaid Eligibility

Will Nursing Home Expenses Wreck Your Plan?  The statistics are stacked against anyone who faces the need for skilled or memory care.  Dementia, Alzheimer's, Fall Risks, Parkinsons.  This article discusses how to plan for Medicaid Eligibility. 

Partition, When There is No Plan

Partition, the Disstruction of the Family Farm?  Mindless equality can lead to remote family members without a stake in the business.  They sell out to non-family members or seek partition.  This article discusses how a partition works.  While written for Oklahoma Law most states have similar procudures.