If the past is any indication of the future...

70% of farms and agribusinesses will not transition from a first generation to the second. Of those that do survive, 90% will not make it to a third. And of the very few remaining, 96% will not go to a fourth. These are meager results given a lifetime of hard work and unyielding commitment.

Multigenerational success is difficult and rare. Succession will not happen without effort, determination and a plan. A properly designed plan will preserve, protect and promote the family’s most valuable asset. A plan removes uncertainty, mitigates risk and allows the family business owner to control the outcome.

Yet, evidence shows that most families don’t have a plan for succession, don’t know where to begin, or even who can help. Families often find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared for generational transition.

Succession planning has long been relegated to professional jargon and transactions that did little more than lead to a variety of products and services. Most generational transfers were the result of sheer luck or true grit. The outcome was unknown because the planning mechanism was hope.

Today’s challenges demand relevant and timely solutions. Families must focus their efforts on executing plans, implementing solutions and continually refining efforts. The goal is an operation that will endow the family for generations to come.

Welcome to eLegacyConnect

eLegacyConnect is a subscription-based succession planning web community designed to provide succession solutions for farm families. It allows connected family business owners and our roster of professional advisors to address questions and share experiences in real-time. eLegacyConnect draws on a full-spectrum of succession planning disciplines and experts from every profession in family/business/agriculture across the U.S.

eLegacyConnect is an open-source planning platform that invites you to participate in the succession planning process wherever you’re most comfortable. It encourages collaboration and cooperation across the entire spectrum of participants.

eLegacyConnect consists of three interconnected communities, and offers an unparalleled library of planning resources.  It hosts:

  • CommunityConnect is the gathering point for members, professional advisors and subject matter experts. Here you can share first-hand experiences and collaborate in real-time.
  • My Action Plan is a dynamic, interactive series of succession planning steps that puts you in charge and allows you to lead the process, track your progress and access complementary resources.
  • FarmPartner is the first-of-its-kind automated resource for pairing young aspiring farmers with retiring farmers for career, ownership and mentoring opportunities.

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  1. Puts you in charge.
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