Ready for Succession Planning

Answers to these questions will help you determine your readiness to begin the succession planning process. Once you've completed the assessment you'll be given the opportunity to have your results emailed to you.


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Maintaining family ownership of the farm/agribusiness is important.
Only lineal descendants should be allowed to own the family agribusiness.
Ownership is a privilege, not an entitlement.
The current operation can support additional families.
The current operation is run like a business with standard operating procedures and a management structure.
The family has shared succession intentions, but not in a written format.
The owner(s) can retire without converting business equity to cash.
Business success is more important than family harmony.
Active family members should receive ownership in proportion to their commitment (blood, sweat and tears).
Active family members receive adequate compensation for their time, commitment and loyalty to the family operation.
Disagreements between family members rarely affect the work environment.
All active family members share a common goal for operational growth and development.
The next generation has a strong work ethic.
The next generation works as owners.
The senior generation can allow the next generation to make mistakes and learn from experience.
There is a written plan for operational growth and development.
The farming operation provides financial security.
The family recognizes and acknowledges opposing objectives between active and inactive owners.
Regular management meetings are utilized to manage the operation.
The family communication style is very open and candid.
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